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Take the guess work out of your collecting and investing strategies. Allow the expert numismatists and customer care specialists at U.S. Coin Depot to assist you in every aspect of the collecting process, from questions to making a valued purchase.

Knowledge is the Key to Success

We have knowledge of the entire numismatic world that includes auction houses, grading services and so much more.

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Rare gold and silver acquisition is a lifetime pursuit. The close relationship with our collectors and investors means we're on top of your potential because we helped you build it.




U.S. Coin Depot has some of the best numismatic experts in the business. We know what collectors and investors need to build the finest collections possible.


We offer a variety of choices for viewing our ever-changing inventory. The catalog is available online or in print. Plus, you can order securely online 24/7 in our marketplace.



U.S. Coin Depot offers class leading customer service for all our valued collectors and investors. Your needs are always met with the utmost personalized care.

US COIN DEPOT understands the value of rare property. Rare property as a store of wealth. We specialize in locating truly rare assets. We are an innovative company that has taken a new edge approach to service our clients with the highest quality rare coins and implement our proven strategy of building award winning rare coin sets or portfolios of ultra-rare and unique specimens. The past few years have proven to the world that quality over quantity is what wins in this industry. We are CAC authorized member dealers. We offer our clients only the finest, high quality graded coins with stunning eye appeal. We offer coins with CAC approvals or coins that would be candidates for CAC. We study population reports and follow collector trends to spot buying opportunities that prove in the long run to be major factors in the success of our clients’ portfolios. We are experts at discovering the “sleeper” coins in the market that pricing has not caught up to yet, and many other tricks of the trade that don’t get mentioned by other companies.

We learn from the mistakes that buyers have made in the past and we put extensive research into finding rare coins to offer our clients that set us apart from other companies.

US COIN DEPOT offers a wide range of exciting new opportunities for our clients such as our NFT (non-fungible token) services, our Bitcoin exchange, and our Rare Asset Exchange services that includes rare watches, rare diamonds and much more. We are paving the way forward in the industry by introducing new techniques to help people retain the wealth they have worked so hard to accumulate. We work hard to earn the respect and trust of our customers as we are aware there are many options out there. We stand alone in the industry with our new services. As the world continues to evolve with new technologies like Bitcoin, and NFT’s we are growing closer and closer to becoming a cashless society. Rare coins are more popular then ever before. The US Government is very much involved in the coin selling business and is cultivating millions of new buyers every year. The available supply of rare coins is shrinking every month. You need the guidance of experienced rare asset advisers from US COIN DEPOT to assist you with your purchases and steer you away from the pitfalls and marketing gimmicks of the industry.

Please speak with a member of our team to explore how we can assist you.

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